Joy of Colour

Thursday, 26 July 2018

A Boardwalk in Haida Gwaii
22 x 28

A wood boardwalk behind a village in Haida Gwaii


A Stream in the Forest
20 x 24

A stream making its way through
a fern and moss covered forest glen


Black-Eyed Susans
24 x 40

A hanging basket and Black-Eyed
Susans on my back deck


Boat on Still Water
11 x 14

A small fishing boat on clear blue water in


Cedars in the Forest
20 x 30

A scene from a wooded area
along the Sea-To-Sky Highway


Coldwater River
18 x 24

A scene along the Coldwater River in BC.


22 x 28

Cattle enjoy a lazy afternoon in the sun beside a split-rail fence.


Copper and Brass with Primula
16 x 20

I bought these antique pieces years
ago and finally put them into a painting


Hanging Basket White Rock
30 x 40

A hanging basket at the old train
station on the waterfront in White Rock.


Imagine an Arbutus at Crescent Beach
36 x 48

A re-imagining of a tree
at Crescent Beach as an Arbutus.


Iris Glory
12 x 12

The amazing texture of an Iris


Island in White Fish Lake
20 x 24

A small island at the edge
of White Fish lake in Ontario


Kyoto Bridge
16 x 20

The graceful lines of a park bridge
in Japan


18 x 36

The flowering of my neighbor's
Magnolia tree


Mock Orange I
18 x 36

One of several paintings done
of the Mock Orange bush at our bedroom window


Mock Orange 2
24 x 40

This is the largest painting of
a branch on the Mock Orange bush at our home


Park Bridge
18 x 24

A bridge reflected in pond at an
elegantly planted park


Primula at Crescent Beach
16 x 20

I spotted this basket of Primula
at a coffee shop in Crescent Beach


Ready for a Ride
16 x 20

Some of my grand children's teddy bears pose before a ride


Reflections in Pink
11 x 14

Water lilies in a pond in Queen's


11 x 14

A single water lily opens to the sun


Stanley Park Thunderbird
16 x 20

Three of the totem poles in Stanley Park with the Thunderbird front
and center


Storm Clouds over Flanders
24 x 36

One of my favorite paintings...a
field of poppies under darkening


Teddy Enjoys the Sun
16 x 20

Teddy poses on a park bench


Teddy in the Garden
16 x 20

Teddy was actually very happy to
pose for this


The colors of Irises
24 x 36

Bursts of color in a bed of Irises


The Elegance of Pansies
12 x 15

The colors of pansies continue to
fascinate me


The Flowering Tricycle
18 x 24

A planted garden ornament in full bloom


The Flowering Wheelbarrow
18 x 24

Summer flowers fill an antique


The Passionate Orchid
12 x 16

Rich colors of a beautiful flower


The Perfect Bridge
16 x 20

I wish I had a yard big enough for
one of these