Thursday, 26 July 2018

A Visitor to the Alsford Pole
24 x 36

A Raven sits atop the Alsford pole, carved by Henry Hunt on Vancouver Island and standing in Berkhamsted England


A View from the Beach
Little Bear and First Eagle
24 x 36

On Display at the Kube Gallery Ft. Langley

The 2 Mortuary poles of House 11 at Ninstints seen from the water's edge


Bear at Ninstints
16 x 20

Bear-with-faces-on-Paws stands at the edge of the forest at Ninstints


Beaver with Frog and Potlatch figures
24 x 36

One of the mortuary poles of House 7 at
Ninstints, toppled by a windstorm in the


Chief Kanskanai's Mortuary Pole 1901
16 x 20

Chief Kanskanai's pole was moved to the
Museum of Anthropology in 1957 but is
scheduled to return to Haida Gwaii


Chief Skedan's Pole in Stanley Park
16 x 20

This pole was carved by Bill Reid. It
reproduces the mortuary pole of Chief
Skedans, last chief at Koona


Fallen beaver and Frog
16 x 16

A wind storm pulled this pole down
because a tree had grown in its top. It
was kept from laying on the ground by
inserting a tree stump under the top


First Eagle and Little Bear Edge of the Forest
16 x 20

The Mortuary poles of House 11, Ninstints.
First Eagle has deteriorated badly but is still majestic.


From the Ashes of 1894 Eagle over Bear House 6
16 x 20

The 1894 fire was set by a
rival village and burned up to house 6. Half of this pole, the left side, was destroyed.


Great Bear in Evening Light
16 x 24

On Display at the Kube Gallery Ft. Langley

Another view of the mortuary pole of
Chief Xoya. His pole stands alone at the far north end of the village, backed by forest on a low hill,


Great Killer Whale Foggy Morning
16 x 24

On Display at the Kube Gallery Ft. Langley

A softer background version of
Great Killer Whale at House 11.


Great Killer Whale Mortuary N House 13 Ninstints
10 x 20

One of the most dramatic of the poles at


Grizzlie and Cub in Alaska
24 x 30

A beautiful pole with a cub bear snuggled
between its mother's ears. The pole is in

Killer Whale and Beaver House 7
18 x 24

A look back to when the poles of house 7 still contained the remains of the chiefs. The
family crest would have been painted on the boards at the top front


Killer Whale at Koona
16 x 24

Presumed to be a killer whale eating. The
carving of the face and teeth was spectacular


Little Bear and the Serpent
24 x 36

Little Bear stood in front of House 11.
A Serpent was carved at the bottom of the pole but most of it has decayed.


Little Bear at Dawn
16 x 20

Little Bear, a mortuary pole at House 11 in
Ninstints, with the forest behind


Looking out to the Sea
30 x 40

A group of poles at the south end of
Ninstints face the shore and ocean


Modern Haida Pole
18 x 24

A pole still rich with the color of Cedar,
standing in Haida Gwaii


Mortuary G House 6 Ninstints
16 x 20

The remains of the half burned pole at House 6 at Ninstints. The pole was originally an
Eagle or Thunderbird over a bear